Best Cryptocurrency Investments for 2018

Call them a scam, a fCryptocurriencies 2018ad that will fade away, or the next financial bubble that will crash, one thing is certain: Cryptocurrencies have changed how people transact value. The ability to be fast, secure, low fee and just plain convenient makes these digital monies worth investing. Every day, new ones are popping up and old ones are dying. Bittrex, one the largest crypto exchanges, hosts more than 250 trading pairs!

We look at the old and the new so you can make an informed decision on which cryptocurrency to invest in 2018:



The big, the original. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that started it all. The most valued coin right now, it is plagued by one the slowest (and expensive) transaction speeds these days. Yet, with it gone through its latest spike a few months back, it is stable- varying between $10,000 to $11,000 per coin. The wait may be long, but it is worth it, since the spike in value for this currency is always high.



With Monero, it’s all about privacy. Why should my activities be public knowledge? Monero ensures that users’ activities are kept away from prying eyes by making the transactions a public record, but obscuring at the same time, making it difficult for people to know who sent money to whom. The currency recently signed up nearly 45 musicians who would be accepting the currency for their music sales. The currency has gained more than 2500% in value last year. The simple fact of making transactions discreet is its strength and with tighter regulations on crypto spending, this is the perfect currency to invest in this year.


The anonymous currency, unlike most out there, does not have a fixed supply.



A cryptocurrency designed for the banking system, it is super fast and has an extremely low fee. Last year, a 61 bank consortium of Japan and Korean banks started testing it out. This year the Saudi Central Bank also started test phases.

Ripple does not aim to disrupt banking, but to assist it. Its value jumped more than 40 times in 2017 and will continue to rise as more and more banks adopt it.


CoinMetro’s XCM

A new comer, CoinMetro’s ICO is live right now. The platform is more than just its currency. It offers a wide range of services, such as debit cards, investments, AI based mutual funds, a full exchange and even an ICO event planning service. Dubbed as a city of cryptos, it gives services to all kind people, from simple ones who just want to use cryptos in their daily lives, to ones who are serious investors.

You can get the tokens really cheap by joining the ICO right now.